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LAKELAND, FL (September 1, 2015) – Some 6,700 schools, non-profits, and businesses. Two hundred thousand individuals. More than four million volunteer service hours. And over $110,000,000 in combined economic impact. For nearly a decade, NobleHour has been pioneering robust online communities that promote a culture of civic engagement and chart meaningful, measurable acts of goodness. And now, with geo-location functionality, the launch of mobile applications, and progressive new benchmarking tools, the company is recalibrating the volunteer experience and, in the process, changing the national conversation on social impact.

“In corporate America, and very much in the education landscape, successes are measurable – ROI, GPAs, increased sales, improved graduation statistics, and so on. NobleHour is quantifying what was previously intangible – community impact – by empowering individuals to account for volunteer hours, allowing schools and businesses to aggregate service efforts across sectors, and equipping charitable organizations and non-profits with economic credibility,” said Scott Fore, managing partner. 

Mobilizing a Mobile Generation:

The genesis of NobleHour dates back to a 2006 father-and-son fishing trip in Florida. Fore observed his high-school aged son, Callahan, spending more time and energy on his phone than on catching that night’s dinner. Cal, facing a 75-hour volunteer requirement for scholarship eligibility, was scrambling to find a charitable cause that would substantiate a long-term commitment. And his friends were in the same boat. Unable to identify a repository for local volunteer outlets, he decided to launch his own – one that would not only match interests and track hours, but that would promote engagement and emphasize leadership, purpose, and reflection.  

Today, within the education landscape and equally in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, NobleHour has been established as a leading community engagement platform. And with the rollout of NobleHour 2.0, connecting individuals to volunteer opportunities is easier than ever before. Thanks to an ‘Explore’ enhancement supported by geo-location functionality, users can access maps populated with nearby events and community happenings, and take advantage of enhanced search features to filter opportunities by type, zip code, date range, and more. Members are empowered to find and synch up with non-profit partners in their areas, while schools and businesses can contribute news, content, resources, and opportunities within their secure online community.

Raising the Impact Quotient:

Now more than ever, schools, businesses, and non-profits can chart their community imprint, work toward established service standards, and gauge their efforts with economic certainty. 

Within the new NobleHour site architecture, individuals as well as schools, non-profits, and businesses, can access their ‘Noble Impact’ – a total number of volunteer hours logged, plus an economic impact equivalent derived from annual state valuations – quickly, easily, and in real time. And in a power move for the service sector, NobleHour has built individual and community benchmarks into a new, ‘NobleIQ’ section of the site. Members and community administrators are assigned a service ranking (e.g. silver, gold, platinum) based on their ‘Noble Impact,’ and can assess volunteer performance against a national bell curve.

At Guilford County Schools in Greensboro, NC, Yvonne Foster, character development and service-learning coordinator, calls NobleHour a transformative tool for early service learning. Not only has the platform introduced students to a culture of volunteerism, but it’s helped shape [socially] responsible leaders. The district has been able to draw correlations between service project participation and positive student outcomes, including behavioral improvements. Economic outcomes have followed suit; last year, the district tracked nearly 900,000 service hours, equating to a $15 million impact.


New ‘Add’ and ‘Contribute’ features provide quick access to log hours and share content – new opportunities, updates, volunteer photos and videos, and more – any time, anywhere. And refined ‘Track’ functionality puts users in control of their experience by keeping a record of everything they do on the site.

At George Washington University in D.C., where a large percentage of the student body creates custom civic engagement experiences, NobleHour is the number one self-reporting capture tool on campus. Charles Basden of the Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service has seen NobleHour empower students to make a real, measurable difference and equip them to demonstrate meaningful results – results that consistently earn recognition in the form of national volunteer service awards.

Paying It Forward:

NobleHour is free for individuals to source volunteer opportunities and track hours, and for non-profits and business to post volunteer opportunities. For schools, or for individuals and organizations to access advanced features and functionality, NobleHour pricing models starts at $97 annually. 

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