By: NobleHour Senior Director of Marketing Allison Morgan 

“Nice job!”  “Thanks for doing this.” “You guys are great!” The cheers of hikers walking by our work group help motivate me, as I struggle to dig my shovel under a very stubborn root system. Whatever the root was attached to is long dead, but this root is still clinging to the dry dirt. It’s been an unusually dry start of fall in Portland, Oregon and Forest Park is showing signs. Shoulder to shoulder with other NobleHour team members, I am reminded that I am not struggling alone. There are plenty of grunts and groans as we dig holes in the dry, root filled soil. We have nearly 40 plants sitting in pots, waiting for us to dig these holes.  

It’s one of the biggest volunteer events of the year for the Forest Park Conservancy. We are joined by 140 other volunteers pulling invasive weeds and planting shrubs in part of the 5,100 acre park. "We have over 700 volunteers that come out and work with us each year," says Executive Director of Forest Park Conservancy, Renee Meyers. "They put in over 7,000 hours. They are a huge part of our organization."

I don’t think we would be the organization that we are without our group of volunteers to support us.
— Renee Meyers, Executive Director of Forest Park Conservancy

The NobleHour team continues working until we have all of our plants in the ground. Dirty, tired, and sore we lean on our shovels and marvel at our small patch of park we have cleared and planted. It’s nice to break away from our computers, and chat with co-workers about something other than work. “Forest Park is my favorite place in Portland," says April Barrett, a Front End Developer for NobleHour. April isn't alone. Countless hikers, bikers, runners, and explorers use the park each year. It’s the gem of Portland, which makes our morning volunteering even more impactful. 

At NobleHour, we are happy to give back to our community. And we are especially excited about the recent announcement of our $1,000,000 grant competition called NobleCause. NobleCause was created to foster volunteerism and is open to high schools, school districts, post secondary institutes, and nonprofits across the nation. 

"NobleCause is our way of giving back to the community," says Sherrie Nickell, director of strategic partnerships for "We are truly thrilled to be able to give back to the people that are working hard to make an impact in their community. We hope this grant inspires people."

The route to reward is iterative: shape well-rounded students and service leaders, build better communities, and measure your collective impact. The NobleCause competition will award 104 organizations with $6,500 grants, while six exemplary organizations – having demonstrated a remarkable ability to raise community awareness and cultivate civic leaders who take action – will be recognized with $50,000 grants.

NobleCause is made possible by the Carol and Barney Barnett Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation and organized by NobleHour, an online platform dedicated to making volunteerism more impactful. For a decade, NobleHour has been connecting and equipping thousands of communities, schools, non-profit agencies, and organizations to chart meaningful, measurable acts of goodness. To date, more than four million volunteer hours have been logged via NobleHour, totaling an economic impact of more than $110,000,000.

Check out this short video about NobleCause and learn how your organization can apply.

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