By: Allison Morgan, TreeTop Commons Senior Director of Marketing

While sitting on the train this morning coming into work, I looked around at the people commuting into the city with me. Whether they were dressed in business casual heading to the office, high school or college students going to school, or just commuters making their way downtown, everyone had one thing in common: their heads bent over a smartphone or tablet. It didn’t happen overnight, but we have certainly arrived; we are a tech culture, and everyone is tech savvy.

As we continue to make enhancements to our NobleHour platform, and as we develop our newest software product, Collaboratory, we've realized we need to move faster as a development team. Much faster. To meet the growing needs of our tech savvy customers, we are expanding our team. In the last two months we have hired six new people. Our new team members come from all walks of life, with very different backgrounds, education, and expertise. They are all wickedly smart. They have a passion for not only development, but for volunteering and making the world a better place.

Click through the gallery below to see the new faces of the TreeTop Commons team.

And as with any growth, comes more change. We quickly outgrew our old offices and required a space with more flexibility that would allow for future growth. As a result, we bid our old offices adieu and moved into the newly renovated WeWork spaces at the historic Custom House in downtown Portland, Oregon.

We are thrilled to be in a transition of growth! More importantly we are excited about the incredible work our talented team is dreaming up, and making a reality. We know these are enhancements our customers are going to love! Stay tuned, to see what changes are in the pipeline for NobleHour!

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