By: NobleHour Special Contributor Dolly Duplantier

Change is in the air. It’s not just back-to-school or a teasing of crisp fall temperatures. It’s more than that. It’s the start of a new season, a new NobleHour. You can feel the excitement building, especially at TreeTop Commons where we’ve harnessed the passionate energy of our elite team of designers to enhance our vision and create NobleHour 2.0!

It’s a simple, friendlier design and more engaging platform. We built our site with customer feedback and a lot of pure innovation.
— Keara Ziegerer, TreeTop Commons' Director of User Engagement

With more than 210,000 members logging over 4,021,892 hours, we’ve learned quite a few things. While you’ve been busy creating a better world, our team has been hard at work listening to your needs. When your combined Noble Impact is almost $100,000,000, it’s hard to ignore! At NobleHour, your goals are our goals.

“Our members told us exactly what was needed to make NobleHour a much better platform,” says Scott Fore, Managing Partner TreeTop Commons, LLC. “Our entire company sat down and completely re-designed the architecture, reduced click-throughs, and added improvements to features and flows. It was quite a challenge. No stone was left untouched. We believe all of the new features will provide a much more elegant member experience.”

The new NobleHour takes the best of our community engagement online platform and makes it even easier to manage a community of people ready, willing, and able to make an impact. 

“It’s a simple, friendlier design and more engaging platform,” says Keara Ziegerer, TreeTop Commons' Director of User Engagement. “We built our site with customer feedback and a lot of pure innovation. We focus on the end-user experience – the students and the volunteers. We don’t want to just build what our customers want and need now, but what they don’t even know they need yet. It’s really forward thinking. We have amazing team members that dream far beyond the present. Our members are growing up with technology and we have to stay ahead of the curve. It’s time to step leaps and bounds over the competition.”

The goal of NobleHour 2.0 is to make the most important and most used features more accessible. The new design follows best practices, emphasizing less clicking and more scrolling. We’ve made it easier to track, manage, and log community engagement with clean and simple tools. 

“Virtually, in every area of our website, features are now more on the surface, rather than buried in a series of unnecessary clicks,” says Fore. "The new architecture is so much more user and administrator friendly. We completely redesigned registration, Hour Tracking, Group functionality, Community development, Content submissions, Reporting, and Impact Measurement.”

“We pride ourselves on our user interface, social media, and software,” says Ziegerer. “Everyone on our team has a big stake in this product. We are excited to help empower people to do good in their communities.”

So what can you expect from the New NobleHour? Here are 8 of our top new features:

“Add” and “Contribute” Tabs - These new features provide quick access to add hours or content any time, anywhere. Logging your impact has never been easier!

Explore - This remarkable new enhancement allows you to see a map-based view of everything happening in your local area. “It’s amazing to see the pins populate the map with the opportunities located in your community,” says Ziegerer. “It really connects you to how your community needs you and how you can help out. Enhanced search features also allow you to filter the opportunities by date range, zip code, type of opportunity, etc.”

Track - Members can now quickly look over the status of any of their submissions, as well as effortlessly track, verify, and approve service hours. “Track lets members add information about activities, news, events, and opportunities they create on NobleHour,” says Ziegerer. “It then allows them to share that information with any of their groups, organizations or communities. Track puts users in control of their involvement by giving them access to a record of everything they do on the site. It’s a big time-saver.”

Community Home Page – The new design is more customizable, allowing custom banners and logos. Managing members and content is simple. The new design allows you to create and feature any content you want your community to see, as well as map all of your community’s engagement activity. Groups have received a facelift as well making it easier to collaborate and understand their collective impact.

Member Home Page – Enhanced features offer more flexibility for you to edit personal information and add images, including a new profile photo. “The new version paves the way for us to give more tools to our users,” says Ziegerer. “By giving them the capability to easily keep track of their hours and look for opportunities that inspire them, we’re putting members more in control of their involvement.”

Member Home page

Member Home page


Custom Reports - “Our enhanced reports give a full picture of the organization’s involvement at the click of a button,” says Ziegerer. Members can now create custom, detailed reports for grants, long-term planning, budget requirements, etc. and then export them to combine with other reports. 

Communication & Networking - Our new Geo–location technology gives members the power to find and team up with community partners in their area quickly and easily. Approved business partners can create free profiles and contribute news, content, resources, and opportunities with their secure online community.

Impact Measurement - Counting hours alone doesn’t tell the whole story. With our advanced, up-to-the-minute capabilities, you can know in real time the economic impact you’re making in your community. Impact measurement tools filter by individuals, groups, and entire organizations.

For more than 10 years, NobleHour has proven to be a volunteer management solution, which allows organizations to focus on what matters most. 

“We continue to believe it is always fashionable to do good,” says Fore. “We are pioneers, scientists, and artists with unbelievable talents and an astonishing willingness to think outside the norm. This is why I believe our new product will take the market by storm. If NobleHour can be the leading software that enables good in any community, then we have succeeded.”